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Infrastructure Development Engineering (IDE) uses creativity, collaboration and non-traditional materials to create a special junction chamber that improves the hydraulic characteristics & lowers the cost for a storm sewer system for the City of Cincinnati.

When working on a unique sewer separation project (Quebec Sewer Separation Project) for the City of Cincinnati IDE designed a unique special shape junction chamber that was hydraulically superior than what could have been done using rectangular shaped chambers/vaults made out of concrete.

The project entails designing a new storm sewer system that parallels the existing 78” brick combined sewer. However due to unique funding and timing issues the design of the downstream receiving channel portion of the project wasn’t going to be completed in time to accept the new storm sewer flows. So the City directed IDE to create a junction chamber that would combine the two flows back together again (upstream of the proposed open channel) on a temporary basis until such time that the downstream open channel was completed. Therefore the large junction chamber needed to accommodate the existing 78” brick sewer and the proposed 60” storm sewer as well as make provisions for the future disconnection and continuance of the storm flow to the downstream open channel.

Working with various “reinforced pipe manufacturers” and their hydraulic subconsultant, IDE created 6 different design alternatives and then compared them for cost, hydraulic characteristics, constructability, quality, ease of modification and speed of construction.

Working together collaboratively with their subconsultants, contractors, manufacturers and personnel from MSD, IDE came up with the optimum solution that satisfied all of the criteria.

#Curt Carlson PE, Infrastructure & Development Engineering, Inc.

“Choosing the Right Company for Your Pavement Needs”

Look no further than the doorsteps of Infrastructure & Development Engineering (IDE) for the design of long lasting flexible and rigid pavements for your commercial enterprise. IDE has the expertise to design flexible and rigid pavements that can last longer with less maintenance, incorporating the new technologies on the market. More bang for your buck! These experts have built over the years experience in pavement evaluation, analysis and design of highways, streets, driveways and parking lots. Therefore, before you look around for help with your pavement problems, needs, and/or solutions, talk to IDE first.

#IDE, the company with big pavement solutions!

#Dr. Paul Oduroh